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CPH Practice Exam

This CPH exam was developed using questions from previous CPH exams.  The format and the level of difficulty are representative of the CPH exam.  For a complete list of topics covered on the CPH exam, please see our content outline here.

You may take as much time as you wish to take this practice exam.  Keep in mind the actual CPH exam has 200 questions and you are allowed up to four hours to take it. Candidates wishing to take this practice exam under similar time constraints should take no more than one hour.

Once you begin, you will see the first question and four answer options. As soon as you click on an answer choice, your response will be recorded and you will see the correct answer.

You can click on the  icon to go to the next question.  If you wish to skip to the next question, you can click the bookmark icon. To go to you bookmarked items, click on the  navigation button.

Click on the button when you have finished taking the practice exam.  Once you finish, AMP will email you a summary of your performance by domain area and an itemization of the correct and incorrect responses to each question. 

You may take this practice exam as many times as you wish.  This exam was developed as a resource for CPH candidates.   Your performance on the practice exam does not guarantee your performance on the actual CPH exam.

Click the button to begin the practice exam.