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Become a Pre-Approved CE Provider

Organizations providing public health related continuing education activities are encouraged to apply to become pre-approved providers for CPH recertification credits. By becoming a pre-approved provider, you can increase participation at your continuing education events, such as conferences, webinars, and/or courses.

NBPHE advertises the pre-approved provider events to our CPHs through LinkedIn, Facebook, E-mail Blasts and through our CPH Recertification Portal. Many of our CPHs take advantage of the pre-approved events, and NBPHE will report to you how many active CPHs reported attending your continuing education events.  

New requirements allow CPH professionals to earn pre-approved CPH recertification credits for the following types of activities:

  • Attendance at public health professional events, including conferences, workshops, webinars, leadership institutes, and seminars
  • Reading of peer-reviewed literature. Provider must facilitate a comprehensive evaluation and scoring method.
  • College or university courses
  • Participation as an Item Writer for a CPH study guide or CPH exam

There are two methods for organizations to offer pre-approved CPH recertification credits

Single event single institution providers offering a single event – application fee: $50.00 for each event

Multi-event single institution providers offering multiple events over a calendar year – application fee: $250.00 per year

All CPH pre-approved providers must agree that all CPH recertification credits are related to one of the core areas of the exam. Once approved, providers will be given template materials and instructions for awarding CPH recertification credits.