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Hire CPH

By hiring a professional with the Certified in Public Health credential, you are assuring your stakeholders and the public you serve that your staff is not only knowledgeable in the field, but committed to it. Search for CPH-credentialed staff through this search tool.

Why the CPH matters

As many public health workers are preparing to retire in the coming years, it is essential to ensure the quality of our new and current public health professionals. The Certified in Public Health (CPH) credential will help fill this skills-gap by demonstrating the credentialed professional’s mastery in all five core competencies of public health, plus the additional cross-cutting competencies. CPH professionals are also required to maintain the credential through continuing education and staying abreast of contemporary issues and best practices. Learn more about what others have to say about the CPH’s importance on our Testimonials Page.

Do you need to verify a credential?

To verify an individual's CPH status, visit our CPH verification page.

Thousands of public health professionals have chosen to become Certified in Public Health (CPH), which takes over where school leaves off. As more professionals are earning the credential, you don't want your students and graduates to fall behind. By helping inform your students about the CPH and supporting them in their pursuit of this credential, you will not only be assisting your graduates in their careers, but raising the standards of the public health field for all.

2016 Promotional ToolKit for Schools and Programs of Public Health

To help you provide the most up-to-date information on the CPH and its benefits, we have prepared the CPH Toolkit below. These materials may be mixed and matched to fit the unique personality of each School and Program of Public Health.


If you would like us to provide other materials that are not currently in the toolkit, please email your suggestions to

Key Messages

These key messages can be used as talking points with students, taglines to be promoted through the school or program, or as answers to the frequently asked question “Why should I earn the CPH credential?” The NBPHE created these materials to make sure people receive accurate information about the CPH. The following are a few suggestions on how to use and incorporate the materials:

  • Distribute and keep stacks in gathering areas and main offices (Admissions, Dean's, Director's, Advisor's, Faculty, Student Lounges)
  • Include in student welcome/orientation bags
  • Post in an elevator
  • Add to graduation materials and awards reception materials
Presentation on the CPH Credential Process & Presentation on Requiring the CPH Exam [PPTs]
  • Present at orientations for new students, career services, pre-commencement, etc...
  • Post on your website so students and alumni may go through it on their own
  • Share with faculty advisors so they can become familiar with the process and share with students
CPH Explanation One-Sheet  [DOC]
  • This one-sheet addresses the concerns and questions most commonly raised by students and alumni
  • Share this as a reference material for those speaking about the CPH Credentialing Process
  • Include this sheet in letters to students and alumni about the CPH, so they may easily reference the benefits and distinction of it
  • Add to Open House/Admitted Students Day packets
Sample Dean's/Director's Letter  [DOC]
  • To be mailed (or emailed) to the students and alumni association members
  • Include your school's dean or program director's information before sending
Letter to Student Leader  [DOC]
  • To be mailed (or emailed) to the student leaders of public health focused organizations at your institution
  • Include your school or program information to personalize this letter (such sections are highlighted)
  • Can be paired with the PowerPoint Presentation and CPH One-Sheet to help the student leader share information with his/her group
Press Release & CPH Certificate Frames [DOCs]
  • Include students' and alumni's information once they pass the exam so they may share this accomplishment with others (hometown newspapers, employer, alumni newsletter, etc...)
  • Use this template to announce when faculty earn the credential
Webinar/Live Presentation 
  • Contact NBPHE to host a webinar or live presentation